Serendipity the Majestic!

Sere was very well trained to “sit” and “stay,” making it easy to complete this photo session at a local park. Sere was probably the largest dog we have photographed to date and was fun to work with!

Holly in the Studio!

On April 20, 2016,  we had a visit to the DigitalAspirations studio by Holly with dog mom & pop, Judy and Mike.  We had hoped to take some outside photos, but it was rainy.  In the studio I got to try out my new portable setup.  I pasted some wallpaper to a 6′ piece of foam wall insulation from Lowes, clamped a white base board to it, and set everything on a 6’x6′ piece of faux wood sheet vinyl.  The whole thing is easy to throw in the car and take to a client’s house or garage for a “studio” look!  In some of these pics with Holly we are using this setup: