Custom Pet Portraiture Services

DigitalAspirations is located in the Round Rock, Texas, area and offers a custom pet portrait services that results in large format images for your home with optional albums and video to capture your pet’s character and relationship with you. Subscribe to our blog to follow our work.


Abstract Black & White

May 5, 2016, some of my photos went on display at Zoe’s Kitchen in Round Rock. My photos, along with many others, are on sale to raise money for the soup kitchen in Austin. In this post are the two photos I contributed along with some of the others that resulted in the effort. The theme was black and white abstract.  Along with my wife’s jewelry box, I set up a black backdrop in the garage and burned incense sticks, capturing the smoke curls with a studio strobe.  In some of these photos I have added color in Photoshop!


Holly in the Studio!

On April 20, 2016,  we had a visit to the DigitalAspirations studio by Holly with dog mom & pop, Judy and Mike.  We had hoped to take some outside photos, but it was rainy.  In the studio I got to try out my new portable setup.  I pasted some wallpaper to a 6′ piece of foam wall insulation from Lowes, clamped a white base board to it, and set everything on a 6’x6′ piece of faux wood sheet vinyl.  The whole thing is easy to throw in the car and take to a client’s house or garage for a “studio” look!  In some of these pics with Holly we are using this setup: